Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A quick aside...

The cheese was using it's smart phone this morning, checking it's favorite news site, BBC NEWS. It's a great news site and featured these top stories this morning: Irish unveil tough recovery/Police hold back student protest/Obama 'not thinking about Palin'.

While the Obama lead seemed a little crazy — after all Korea was the main focus of the press conference (and it seems media is working overtime to set up the 'Palin vs Obama' rivalry) the cheese was really amused by the 'most popular' list at the bottom of the site. With stories about Somali pirates, mine disasters, Portugal strikes, African urban growth, and "Early retirement 'good for our mental health' what was the most read?

At the time the cheese was reading it was "Woman stuck in bathroom for weeks."

No need for a punchline here....

Have a good holiday

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